One Heart, One Home, One Block At A Time

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~ Offering spiritual reconnection, integral nonviolence, gift economics, restorative justice, urban permaculture, anti-oppression, reparations and many other disciplines necessary for regenerating community in the 21st Century ~

Weekly Events

Every week we host a Community Dinner on Tuesdays at 630pm, in the house we call Sister Moon & Stars. All are welcome, please RSVP by email first if you can. On Sunday each week we have Liturgy, a spiritual service based on the loaves and fishes tradition of abundance. This begins at 9am in the house we call Mother Earth. All are welcome. After Liturgy we share brunch, and then have a Garden Work Party most every Sunday 11am - 3pm. Come by for all or part of it to explore the meeting of soil and soul.

An initiation into the healing art of Reiki begins with laughter, October 2017